SMOOL’s Homedia TV concept redefines the decorative position of television

SMOOL’s Homedia by Robert Bronwasser_1

Over the years, televisions have certainly evolved in regard to their core technology and even the whopping number of cable channels being offered to us. However, there is one area, where the development has surprisingly remained stagnant. And, that area is the physical form of the TV, which still goes by the ubiquitous hard, black plastic bezel encompassing the screen.

This commonplace form poses as an aesthetically dominating, ‘attention grabbing’ piece within any interior design, irrespective of the finer decorative credentials of other furniture pieces. And, this is exactly where SMOOL’s Homedia TV concept enters the picture, with its vibrant fabric hiding the ‘domineering’ attributes of uninspired plastic.

So, in essence, the whole conception (conceived by Robert Bronwasser) changes the visual quotient of the conventional television. Comprising of a colorful stool, along with the aforementioned fabric, the Homedia works as complete aesthetic revamp system for your old TV.

How so? Well, the stool in question, supports the boob tube, while also mitigating some of the imposing attributes of the TV by its cheerfully contrived bright yellow color scheme. The fabric covering the television rim further complements this visual ambiance, by adding a sense of volumetric lightness through its sky blue hued cover.

All of this redefines the decorative position of a TV within a good interior design. From the perspective of home decor, that is very important, because television remains as one of those crucial electronic devices which is found is nigh every living room arrangement around the world.

The complete version of the Homedia is expected to be exhibited during the Milan Design Week 2013, at Ventura Lambrate.

SMOOL’s Homedia by Robert Bronwasser_2 SMOOL’s Homedia by Robert Bronwasser_3 SMOOL’s Homedia by Robert Bronwasser_4 SMOOL’s Homedia by Robert Bronwasser_5

Via: Mocoloco Smool

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