Snowing Christmas Tree ‘snows’ inside your living room

Christmas time snowing is all well and good, until you need to pick up your hefty shovel. Well, the designers of the Tabletop Snowing Christmas Tree surely empathize with your shoveling troubles.

Combining the favorite ingredients of the holiday season, including the tree and snows, this indoor contrivance comprises of a dandy setup that gleefully blows out faux snow. And, the best part is – this faux snow is totally reusable for the ‘endless’ snowing sessions, all within the comfort of your living room.

This is achieved by a clever yet simple mechanism that collects the snow in its fabric base, which is once again recirculated for the snowing effect. And, all of this is done without any kind of snowy mess, with the faux variety falling well within the confines of the artificial Christmas tree base. The mirthful scope is further complemented by around 25 songs to fuel up your Christmas spirit.

The Snowing Christmas Tree in Action

As for the commercial side of the affairs, the Snowing Christmas Tree is also available in its larger form for floors. Moreover, the tabletop variety comes in two models, one with a Christmas tree and another with a happy Santa Claus.

Snowing Christmas Tree with red umbrella base
Snowing Christmas Tree
tabletop snowing santa
tabletop Snowing Snowmen

How To Build a DIY Snowing Christmas Tree: Setting Up and Refilling Base

The snowing Christmas tree is an exciting sight to behold: giving off the cheerful vibe of Christmas right in your living room, without the attendant consequence of shoveling actual snow from your carpet. The faux snowing Christmas tree serves a dual purpose; saving you costs on an elaborate set-up, and being a picturesque sight during the holidays. If you want to try building one yourself, here are the instructions.

Building A Flaking Tree Yourself

There is no need to shell out your hard earned cash building a self snowing Christmas tree. Using a bunch of materials you may already have lying around, you can create the perfect tree to surprise your friends and family when they come around.

Materials Needed:

  • A hollow steel rod/ flower pole. 30-40cm in height, 10mm diameter
  • A box or umbrella to serve as the snow reservoir base
  • An abandoned PC fan
  • A funnel made from a plastic bottle
  • Artificial Xmas tree leaves or existing artificial tree
  • Glue gun
  • 12 volt power source
  • A pack of foam grains as faux snow

1 – Prepare the funnel

Cut out a cap sized hole by the side of the funnel. Using an extra cap as the base for the flower rod, attach the rod to the funnel.

2 – Prepare/fit the rod

Wrap the flower rod in green ribbon, to give it that Christmassy look. Glue pieces of the artificial Christmas trees leaves to the rod, creating a miniature tree. Or, if you have an existing artificial Christmas Tree of the right dimensions you can use that instead, fitting the rod to the tree trunk.

3 – Glue the fan

Glue the base of the funnel to the PC fan. The fan serves as a suction, pulling in the faux snow through the rod and powering the entire mechanism.

4 – Set up the base

Set up your umbrella base, using either a colorful box or a DIY foam box. The umbrella base is the snow reserve for the snowing Christmas tree.

5 – Fit the tree

Place the tree, with the fan attached into the box, slightly elevated into the box—gluing it down with the glue gun.

6 – Create a small screen

Create a small screen with packing foam to direct the foam grains towards the suction of the PC fan.

7 – Prepare the foam grains

Get the foam grains ready. Ideally, the grains should be no larger than 2mm in diameter, to give the sleek, realistic appearance of snow. Fill up the box with foam grains spread evenly across the base.

8 – Connect to power

Connect the snowing tree to a 12 volt power source, and watch the foam grains get sucked in through the fan and up out from the top of the flower pole.

Set up properly, the foam grains should be self-sufficient; falling back into the base and endlessly cycled by the fan at the base of the tunnel. The snowing Christmas tree can be adorned with minimal micro decorations, to accentuate the delight of a DIY white Christmas.


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