The cozy Shelter Me couch also alerts users about potential injuries

Shelter Me by Raquel Pissarra_1

Furniture arrangement utilized as a warning component for injuries? Well, that seems to be the case with the ‘Shelter Me’, a couch-like design conceptualized by Portugal based Raquel Pissarra.

Envisaged as a comfortable crib to be used for resting, reading your books or even sleeping; the scope of snugness is pretty evident from the expansive form factor of the Shelter Me. However, the true purpose of the design goes beyond its cozy credentials.

According to the designer, the vivacious fluorescent quotient of the Shelter Me is not just about the pleasing aesthetics. This visual conspicuousness also plays its part in alerting the users about potentially dangerous circulation spaces inside the house.

Pissarra has taken up the example of lower staircase spaces, where the level difference between steps and the plain floor can sometimes confuse the user’s motional consideration (especially elderly people).

In such circumstances, the fluorescent colored balls at the ends of Shelter Me’s extension puffs emerge as visual indicators to warn that the end of the staircase is approaching. Moreover, the ambit is improved with the flexible portability factor of the couch. This makes it possible to easily keep the conception beneath the staircase recess.

So, at the end of the day, the scope is all about comfort and safety. And, the benefits are achieved via a vibrantly designed furniture piece that surely adds its effervescent flavor to your home decor.

Shelter Me by Raquel Pissarra_2 Shelter Me by Raquel Pissarra_3 Shelter Me by Raquel Pissarra_4

Thanks: Raquel Pissarra

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