Space-Saving Home Upgrades for Gen Z Homeowners

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Compact living has become one of the most popular homeownership trends. Many of the younger population, called “Gen Z,” are leaning towards downsizing to living in tiny homes. This social and architectural movement is expected to continue attracting a following in the coming years.

If you want to ride on this trend and maximize the space you have in your home, here are some space-saving home upgrades you can try.

Downsizing in 2023

More and more Americans are considering downsizing to save costs in utility and focus on what truly matters to them. Meanwhile, in Australia, homeowners over 50 are moving to smaller homes as an affirmative lifestyle choice. 

Even with a tiny home, you can decide to get your home extended through builders like Summit Home Extensions Perth, which is located in Myaree. With 45 years of experience, builders like them could deliver quality results. Besides home extensions, you can opt for simpler options like the following space-saving home upgrades.

Maximizing Small Spaces

There are plenty of clever ways to maximize small spaces. Sometimes, it’s all about furniture arrangement, creating an illusion of larger space, and using wall space. For example, you can transform a neglected corner in your kitchen into a seating space with drawers in its base, allowing you to store excess utensils inside.

You can also leave windows bare to create an expansive effect, making your room appear larger than they are. Try also to limit your color palette. This way, you can soften their impact, making your small space less visually chaotic. Lastly, embrace curves in your home. Opt for a curvy sofa or a round table. These items can transform your space from looking cramped to cozy with their soft edges. 

Outdoor Space Optimization

You can maximize your outdoor space as an outdoor living area. You can dedicate it to a small patio, garden, or balconies. Just make sure to plot creative layouts with space-saving furniture. 

If you own a small property, it’s important to maximize the space outside your house so you can easily clean the inside of your home as family members spend time outdoors. Moreover, with outdoor living spaces, you can take pride in a holistic home design in the limited space you have.

Utilizing Vertical Space

When your home feels stuffy, but you can’t find any available space for your storage needs, look at some potential vertical spaces that you can maximize. The most common space-saving tip is to stack your stuff. 

Make sure to plan a supporting frame that can support the pile. Vertical storage, like freestanding shelves, can be a good idea too. These are collapsible and stackable, so you can secure them neatly without occupying ample space in your garage or storage room. 

Moreover, modular storage is also one way to maximize vertical space. The most popular modular storage is wire shelving, but you can have these features anywhere in the house. If you are into planting, try vertical gardening. You can have your plants mounted and stacked on a wall or grow them in hanging baskets. 

Multipurpose Furniture and Convertible Pieces

To make your home appear spacious and open, consider multipurpose furniture and convertible pieces. Rather than buying individual beds, sofas, chairs, and storage units, you can definitely save more by just investing in durable multipurpose pieces. 

There are many types of convertible spaces you can purchase. Some examples are upholstered custom bed frames with storage for blankets, towels, shoes, and convertible seating, which could also be used as a sleeping area.

Besides minimizing clutter, multipurpose furniture and convertible spaces are also easy to clean and maintain. Many of these items don’t use traditional materials, which require tender love and care by applying a coat of paint or finish just to avoid damage to the item. 

Streamlined Storage Solutions

To declutter your space, you must look into available streamlined storage options. You can’t just label everything to streamline your storage. You should look at ideas like wall-mounted storage, storage ottomans, and under-bed storage. You should also group similar items so you can quickly locate them when you need them. 

Moreover, if you have bulk supplies of something, you must note these duplicates and see if you can keep them for long or if you should let go of them. With streamlined storage solutions, make sure to keep daily items within reach. For example, you should store glasses in an above-head cabinet near the sink so you don’t have to dig down your kitchen utensil storage spaces and disarrange everything.

Smart Technology Integration

Smart technology can also be a significant factor in saving space in your home. Gen Z babies purchase smart gadgets for their homes because they consume less energy and occupy less space in the house. With touchless technology, homeowners can just use voice commands to activate a device without moving things around and getting everything near the electrical outlet. 

What’s more, you can buy plenty of space-saving appliances for your home today. From portable air conditioners and mini dishwashers to mini cooking appliances, there are small versions of every appliance you need in your home!


Gen Zs are always looking for creative solutions as they are the most agile and innovative age group. With the space-saving techniques we have shared here, you can make the most of your limited space and maintain a functional and comfortable living space for you and your family.

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