Stealth Kitchen modules showcase their incognito features, along with extended coverage

Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture_1

Earlier, we had compiled an entire list covering those glorious specimens of hidden beds. But what if the same degree of space saving functionality was showcased by our kitchens? Well, Resource Furniture has decided to apply this scope of spatial innovation with their aptly named Stealth Kitchen modules.

As the name suggests, each module is pretty inconspicuous in nature, with an elegant yet unobtrusive dark-stained wood finish. But the glory of the kitchen solution lies behind the simplistic, unassuming facade. As we open up the various sections, the module reveals the snugly hidden kitchen appliances and storage spaces.

For example, the lower drawers account for the freezer, dishwasher and assorted storage units, while the section’s entire length (from the beginning of the first drawer to the end of the last drawer) only covers 6 feet. On the other hand, the middle compartment acts as the focal point of the kitchenette by housing the main sink, counter-top, microwave oven and various cabinets. This setup is further bolstered by extra storage cabinets along the side sections and a dedicated area for a full-sized refrigerator.

Now, this is not first time we have had the opportunity to assess a modular kitchen unit. However, the Stealth Kitchen module does stand out from comparable designs by its sheer degree of coverage. And that might just tilt the scale of advantage, especially when it comes to the spatial limitation posed by tiny loft apartments.

You can take a gander at the video above, but be warned – it may feel a bit underwhelming in the light of the space-saving brilliance showcased by the design itself.

Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture_2 Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture_3 Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture_4

Via: TheVerge

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