SunFocus solar oven allows cooking during low lights with its hybrid mechanism

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Make no mistake, solar ovens are pretty handy solutions to saving main grid electricity when it comes to sunshine lands (we are thinking Arizona!). But the predicament lies with geographic locations that are susceptible to more mundane weather conditions (let’s say London).

Well, worry no more! Technology has once again come forth to save us from the clutches of cloudiness. Touted as the next generation of solar ovens, the SunFocus oven has the glorious ability to effectively cook during such cloudy and even night conditions.

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The mystery behind this all-weather service lies in its hybrid system that combines both solar and electric components. So, during effulgent sunny scenarios, the SunFocus requires no external power source to gleefully cook your outdoor meals. But when the natural lighting gets reduced, the oven’s built-in thermostat picks up on the concurrent drop in temperature. This triggers the activation of an integrated electric heating element that continues on with the cooking process.

Other than this special attribute, the Sun Focus has a similar slew of features we see in normal solar ovens. This includes – double-glazed ‘oven window’ glass, scratch resistant reflector panels and a cooking chamber with a substantial capacity.

Additional advantages entail – the portability factor of the product with its folding credentials, and the low-wattage (465 W) electric heating element that remarkably consumes around 75 percent less electricity than regular kitchen ovens.

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Of course, when it comes to practical usage pattern, the electric component has to have an external power source. Well, in this regard, uses can either opt for a 120V AC power supply or juice up the oven via a DC system with inverter (the oven kit comes with 6 ft power cord).

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Sun Focus is currently available for purchase from its home site for $489.

Specs –

Temperature range up to 375 F for solar-electric or 350 F for solar only, with cooking capacity of 12 pounds at a time.

Cooking chamber dimensions – 13 ½ x 19 x H 6 ¼ (all in inches).

Via: Kickstarter

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