DIYer crafts an advanced pantry door with a secret computer display

When it comes to realm of DIY, we have had our fair share of fascinating contrivances, be it a vertical chess board or even a backyard roller coaster. However, this time around things take a more technologically refined route. Instructables enthusiast ‘designforhire’ has ingeniously contrived an advanced kitchen pantry with a motorized hidden computer.

Supported by relatively simple means, our resourceful DIYer’s first task was to construct the pantry door. He did that by utilizing a pine studded frame, which was given a solid facade with a Masonite hardboard (fixed with glue and brads). The top half of the door was further modified with dry-erase panels and trims.

Kitchen Pantry Computer Hidden

Then came the crucial electronic hack that it made it possible to integrate the computer mechanism with the pantry door. In this regard, the cut-out for the display and the keyboard (which slides out of the blank panel below) is both motorized, with the actual motor being salvaged out of a wireless drill. This motor is regulated from the two black switches located above the left hand side of the display.

Interestingly during normal circumstances, the sweet interactive set-up is hidden by a dry-erase calendar and a blank panel. And as a parting shot of ingenuity, the computer wired to this display and keyboard is actually located in the basement of the house. This certainly alludes to the Batman-esque essence of mystery and technology all inconspicuously kept secret beneath the facade of conventionality.

And, in case you want to play Kitchen Batman, do give a gander at the instructions and images in the Instructables link.

Via: Hackaday

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