Suon is the gadget buddy of your newborn baby

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Suon was a collaborative project that was designed for the BU Design Society working with the NHS. The collaborative project aimed to come up with such a gadget that could help newborn babies sleep better. The designers must have closely followed baby needs and the tough schedule of mommies who happen to be running doing home chores, looking after their baby, and many other tasks. Doing all those tasks including being there at their babies side all the time is tiresome, and probably the designers managed to understand all this and came up with this superb device named Suon.

Suon is a device that aims to make your newborn babies life as comfortable as possible. For a newborn baby, everything is new and this is why they become cranky so often. On the other hand, taking care of babies going cranky every other moment is a real task. This device aims to reduce the discomfort a newborn baby experiences and the tough times parents experience while comforting their baby.

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Suon makes use of some sounds recorded in it that babies find to be utmost comforting and they go off to sleep peacefully, and whenever they turn cranky those comforting sounds coming from Suon makes them happy and comfortable. Initially the product was designed to be use in hospitals only but now parents can take it home and continue comforting their little one with it.

As this product was made in collaboration with the NHS, it means that SUON strictly adheres to guidelines from NHS. There are no issues regarding its safety, as you place it besides your delicate baby and there are no hygiene issues as well. The silicone casing this gadget comes in is removable, thus, taking away all the possibilities of it being harmful in anyway.

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Source: Budesignsociety

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