Like it’s F1 namesake, KERS lamp generates energy from its use

Kelvin Energy Recovery System Lamp (KERS)_1

Designed by Fraser Leid, the Kelvin Energy Recovery System Lamp (KERS) is a one of a kind bedside table light that would save energy while it burns. Chosen for ESKOM (South African Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition) as a viable energy efficient lighting solution, KERS makes uses of a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) to light up the room. However, it does not stop just here.

KERS actually goes a step further by charging an additional LED light in the device that switches on only in the absence of any other light, including the CFL itself. This LED light would act as a secondary night lamp for the room. An inbuilt solar panel housed beneath the lamps’ lid gathers the UV emissions produced by the CFL.

The panel stores any surplus electricity generated inside a rechargeable battery pack located at the base of the cylindrical shaped lamp. This stored energy can then be used for myriad purposes, thus making the lamp very energy efficient and probably a boon for destitute areas.

The basic design of KERS focuses on simplicity and finesse. The result is a product that not only looks appealing, but also doubles as an affordable home appliance system to fit any household with ease. Great care has been taken to maintain the efficiency of the lamp as well.

The manufacturing process utilized cost effective materials like PVC for the piping, while black paper constitutes the inner mesh, which doubles as a light diffuser and heat sink. The base of the lamp has been made of plywood and is spacious enough to house the operational elements.

With incandescent light bulbs being replaced by fluorescents and other more energy efficient lighting options, KERS would have a great effect on the community. This could possibly spell the future of light bulbs, which do more than simply absorbing energy and burning.

Kelvin Energy Recovery System Lamp (KERS)_2

Kelvin Energy Recovery System Lamp (KERS)_3

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