Sure Chill refrigerators eschew electricity in favor of innovation

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It is interesting that the applications of refrigeration and fridges were found in many historical instances, before the progressions made in electrical science. However, that doesn’t mean modern technology cannot co-exist without the support of electricity. And, that is aptly proven by the Sure Chill, a contemporary cooling tech (from True Energy) that avoids the requirement of electrical power during most of its working time.

So, how exactly does the scope of refrigeration without an electrically operated heat pump work? Well, the Sure Chill makes use of polyurethane foam insulation with high-density and a phase change material for storing energy. This advanced combination allows the fridge to work uninterruptedly, thus not relying on consistent power supply. In fact, a True Energy Vaccine Refrigerator can run on a daily basis with just 5-hours worth of conventional electricity per day.

Now many of you might observe, we used the term ‘Vaccine Refrigerator’. That is because the primary utilization factor of the Sure Chill tech was tailored to storing medical supplies. According to the scientists involved, each refrigerator has the capacity to safely store $30,000 worth of medicines, under 10 degrees Centigrade (or 43 degrees Fahrenheit) of ambient temperature, for a continuous period of 10 days. Such credentials are crucially beneficial for developing nations where continued main-grid power supply can sometimes be a problem.

More importantly for regular consumers, the Sure Chill will be making its foray into the realm of home appliances, like – domestic refrigerators, beverage coolers and even air conditioners. This not only hints at the reduction of energy costs in normal households, but also entails a credible solution for off-grid usages.

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For more info, you can pay a visit to the SureChill site.

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