Aromafork allows you to enjoy exotic flavors while consuming regular food


Iranian cuisine is known its use of fruits and vegetables, often in seamless fusions – like the Ash-e anar or Pomegranate soup. Now, for any gourmet who is interested in the unique dish, would have to rummage through supermarket aisles, get the correct ingredients, prepare them precisely, and finally ‘enjoy’ the aroma of veggies and fruits. Suffice it to say; it is a time-taking and complex process.

Or, they also have the option of simply trying out the Aromafork, a special fork designed by Molecule-R that helps you in your aroma enjoying endeavors. Considering that most of our taste buds are receptive to smell (as opposed to just the organic composition of the food), the contrivance allows the flow of an aromatic compound near your nose. Your evolved sense of taste does all the work, by permuting and combining this aroma with the actual food you are consuming. For example, now you can have a regular veggie soup, while also sensing the flavor of pomegranate from the fork.

This entire scope is based on the notion of molecular gastronomy that deals with the transformative nature of food during cooking and consumption. The device in itself is pretty elementary, with a small recess that can hold a bloating paper. The user can dab this paper with the preferred aromatic compound; a set of which (with 21 variant flavors) comes with the Aromafork kit.

Lastly, we are not too sure on the effectiveness of the ambit when compared to the ‘real’ experience of enjoying the precise meal. However, the Aromafork does bring forth the benefit of convenience to ┬ápotential gourmets around the world, many of whom who might not have access to refined resources required for novel dishes.

Aromafork_2 Aromafork_3 Aromafork_4 Aromafork_5 Aromafork_6 Aromafork_7 Aromafork_8 Aromafork_9

The fork will make its commercial debut by end of this year, with an yet unannounced price.

Via: FastCoDesign

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