Surf Sauna: A mobile sauna unit to serve as your outdoor winter headquarter

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Surfers and warm Mediterranean type climates go like ham and cheese. But what about the surfers who live a bit north of these paradisiacal latitudes? Nature surely has no mercy on them, when the water gets mighty cold and the sand beaches turn into freezing wastelands. But as always, human resourcefulness triumphs over naturally set conditions, and this time the glorious result alludes to the aptly named Surf Sauna.

As can be comprehended from the images, the barrel-shaped contrivance is envisioned as a mobile sauna to beat your winter blues. In fact, the unique commercial endeavor was undertaken by Port City Makerspace, a special guild of surfers and craftsmen who have braved (and presumably didn’t fall in love with) the chilling conditions of wintertime New England.

As for the design ambit, each Surf Sauna is crafted in accordance to the user’s personalized specifications. Having the capacity for 2 to 8 people, this intrinsic scope of flexibility is manifested by the collective usability factor. In this regard, each mobile sauna unit can be used as a portable warm shelter from which you will be able to easily partake in outdoor winter activities – be it camping, trekking or surfing in cold water.

The physical features match up with the outdoorsy attribute of the Surf Sauna. For example, the frame is made from sturdy marine grade galvanized and stainless steel that can mitigate the dampness of salt water.

The curvaceous body on the other hand is crafted from Western Red Cedar, a durable wood variety known for its rot resistant and antimicrobial properties. The sauna unit additionally comes with a mounted shovel and hi-lift jack to crucially aid you during those stuck scenarios.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the entire amplitude of awesomeness comes for a price of $17,950. And, if you are short of cash, you can also rent the contrivance for a day.

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Via: HiConsumption

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