Adorable snail tea cozies to warmly drape your tea pot

Snail tea pattern teapot_1

If our beverage mugs are already given personalities with their specially knit sweaters, why should their larger cousin – the teapot be kept out kept in the open? Well, DIYer Anke Klempner certainly feels along these lines, as is evident from her creation of a charming set of snail tea cozies.

Handcrafted from pretty regular (and, even mundane) items like yarn, a pair of pipe cleaners and some filling; the tea pots are amicably transformed into woolen snails. And, the really adorable part relates to those big dainty eyes gleefully peeking from above the ‘snout’.

Impressed? Well, then you don’t just have to gawk at the images. You can make your very own cute snail tea cozy by following the pattern given by the DIYer herself.

Snail tea pattern teapot_2 Snail tea pattern teapot_3 Snail tea pattern teapot_4

Price of the pattern – £2.50 (around $4.15). For other Anke Klempner creations, follow this Ravelry link.

Via: LostAtEMinor

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