Sustainable Drift Stool made up of Driftwood

Drift Stool by theopinto

Drift Stool by theopinto_1

Designer Theo Pinto has taken in consideration driftwood, found at Baltimore Harbor that has washed up on the shores to create a unique in features and design “Drift Stool”. Integrated with compartment inside that holds a bottle of Natty Boh (National Bohemian Beer, Baltimore’s signature beer). Designer successfully proves his point that how important is sustainability for the future of designs, using recycled materials to create this unique invention.

Exhibited at the Contemporary International Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, NY in 2011. This “Drift Stool” clearly says that innovative ideas are not only dependent on the material easily available around us. Innovative ideas when combined with innovative material make unique designs.

Drift Stool by theopinto_2

Drift Stool by theopinto_3

Drift Stool by theopinto_4

Drift Stool by theopinto_5

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