Thanko’s Shushuku-gasa allows you to be hands-free, by virtue of its clip

Thanko Hands free umbrella_1

The Japanese surely have their ingenious ways of coming up with innovative umbrella contrivances, be it the illuminating umbrella or the double shaded umbrella. This time around the trend is manifested by Thanko’s Hands-free Shushuku-gasa (Shrinkable Umbrella in Japanese).

As the name clearly suggests, the umbrella can be conveniently used to protect yourself even your hands are ‘tied up’ for some other activity, like carrying grocery bags, posing for selfies or just snuggling up to your partner in the rain. There is no big mystery behind this practical feature; a special adjustable clip fixed to the umbrella grip does all the tricks.

Thanko Hands free umbrella_2

This extensible clip can be flexibly attached to your pockets, blouses, bag handles or belts on the go. The functionality get even more crucial when you are carrying a hefty backpack in the outdoors. During such scenarios, you can simply snap the clip’s shaft to a special hook-and-loop fastener available with the Shushuku-gasa umbrella kit. This fastener in turn can be fixed to the backpack’s belt, and voila; you are no more fighting the rain while strenuously carrying your heavy load.

Thanko Hands free umbrella_3

Weight – 412 g

Price – ¥2,980 (around $30)

Via: HouseofJapan

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