The incredible 160 sq ft Tiny Project house: A lesson in success of DIY building

Tiny House by Alek_5

Our love affair with compact housing units was fueled by the Blue Sky model and its incredible level of spatial efficiency. And, now the baton of portable, personalized house design has passed on to the aptly named Tiny Project. Remarkably accounting for a floor area of just 160 sq ft (20 ft x 8 ft), the diminutive dwelling comes with its ‘on wheel’ credentials.

According to the designer (who goes the name of just Alek), the mobile Tiny Project house boasts of an assortment of appliances and amenities. The collection includes – a 2-burner marine-style propane range, hot water heater, a compact unit that combines washer and dryer, and a full refrigerator with its own freezer.

Tiny House by Alek_1

The flurry of accessories is boosted by an energy efficient design proposal that is not just limited to the compact space usage. The creator has made use of passive solar techniques that allow profuse amount of natural light to be inducted into the unit (via a whopping 10 windows!). Additionally, the internal structural components were mainly built on a DIY level, with the list including – sustainable paneling for the ceiling and loft, clear grade cedar siding, customized trim planed by hand, personalized storage spaces and an effective foam insulation cover.

In fact, the low impact nature of the Tiny Project design is proven by its requirement of just an extension cord and water supply from the property on which it is parked. However, the designer is looking forth to even break free of such minuscule levels of dependence. He plans on doing that by integrating self-sustaining systems like rain-water collection and solar panels, once he has found a suitable ‘sedentary’ spot for the mobile house unit.

As for the more long-term side of affairs, the Tiny Project was envisaged as a reaction to what the creator describes as – high cost of renting. We daresay, he is successful in his bold endeavor – with him, his girlfriend and their dog being the current happy inhabitants of the compact house.

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Via: ApartmentTherapy

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