The Best Storage Ideas To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

small kitchen

Almost everyone out there feels as though they never have enough space in their kitchen, and for those with smaller kitchens, the problem is even more prominent. And because it can be challenging to transform a small kitchen into an ideal functional space, you will need to consider every change you make carefully.

Fortunately, several clever storage solutions can enhance the available space in your kitchen. These storage ideas will also ensure you can keep your small kitchen area clean and heighten functionality simultaneously. 

Knife Storage

If you have chef’s knives or a quality kitchen knife set, there’s no doubt that you want to keep your blades in the best possible condition. And incorrectly storing them is one of the quickest ways to damage the blades. 

That said, maintenance is just as important, so while purchasing a modern knife block or a magnetic strip to store your knives properly, you should also buy a whetstone to sharpen your blades regularly. Furthermore, a steel rod is also essential for honing. 

Get Rid Of Unused Appliances

If you have appliances in your kitchen that you haven’t used for several months, they’re simply gathering dust and taking up much-needed space. So, instead of holding onto these appliances, you should donate them, sell them, or toss them out. 

And while you are deciding which appliances you no longer need, you should also declutter your kitchen as much as possible. Perhaps you have too many coffee mugs or too much crockery; minimizing the number of items in your kitchen only to keep the things you need is a great way to enhance available space. 

Keep the Counters Clear

Instead of displaying all your appliances and kitchen utensils on your counters, you should keep them clear as much as possible. The only items you should have on your counters are things like a fruit bowl, your knife block, a mug holder, and other small items that will serve as decor accents as well. 

If your counters are kept clear, you’ll find it easier to keep your kitchen germ-free and neat regularly. 

Hide Your Appliances

There are several smart ways to hide appliances in a kitchen. A microwave shelf is a great option to give your microwave its own space. It’s also best to pack away appliances that are not used often. 

Add Shelving Inside Cupboards

If you don’t have space to add shelving elsewhere in your kitchen, you should add shelving inside the existing cupboards. More often than not, kitchen cupboard shelves allow quite a lot of space. However, this means that a lot of space is wasted, and cupboards can easily look like a chaotic mess. 

By adding shelves inside cupboards, you’ll be able to store more things neatly and in an organized manner. It is also best to consider investing in glass storage containers and a labeler to label all your repacked goods and keep it all looking tidy.

Depending on your budget, you can also consider transforming your kitchen island. You can add storage at the bottom and have more packing space. Alternatively, you might be able to add more kitchen cupboards or use the space above cabinets to store items that are less used.  

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