The ‘communal’ Social Grill invites your guests to cook along with you

Communal tabletop grill from Unkia_1

Are BBQ grills finally taking the communal route with their inclusive designs? Well, we have seen it in the cases of Jag Grill and the David Rockwell; and now we are once again witness to the societal grilling side of affairs with the aptly christened ‘Social Grill’.

The title of the grillmaster is worthy of bragging, especially when you are hosting the BBQ party. But when it comes to practical scenarios, you have to cater to all your guest’s individual preferences for grilled meat (some like it burned, and some like it a bit rare) – which might prove to be quite a fussy or even bothersome task.

The Social Grill changes this nitpicking quotient with its intrinsic capacity that allows six people to simultaneously grill their preferred mode of charred meat. This social experience is further bolstered by the host of accessories that come with the set, including – skewers with heat-resistant holders, flexible tongs and the additional soup bowls.

The focal point of the Social Grill is however the elegantly elliptical shape of the cooking contrivance that can be simply placed in the center of your outdoor dining table. The aesthetic ambit is accompanied by some sturdy, durable credentials in the form of carbon steel body coated with a high heat-resistant layer.

Communal tabletop grill from Unkia_2

Dimensions – 91 x 21x 30 cm in size; 7 kg in Weight

Buy from Unkia – €119 (around $162).

Via: Gizmodo

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