The DIY Way to Accomplish a Hampton Style Home

hampton style living room

Australians are madly in-love with Hampton-style homes. Being fans of the greater outdoors, countless Aussies look to bring in the outdoors, matching the natural landscape with the indoor lifestyle.

With its brightly lit spaces, fresh coastal air, and a sense of relaxation, the Hamptons style is increasingly popular in the land down under. The question remains, how do you choose Hampton style furniture Australia seats and accessories? 

What’s the Hampton Style

As you may have figured out by now, Hampton style homes revolve around the theme of sophistication and relaxation. While shopping, stick to the classic pieces like a roll-armed sofa, rather than the on-trend items.

Ideally, the furniture color and tone need to complement your other furniture. Consequently, the sofas need to match the chairs. As for the fabric, you can get as creative as you desire, but avoid colors that scream- this goes against the overall theme.

How to Style Your Home

At its core, the Hampton style is highly traditional and elaborate. Here are a couple of tips on how you can create this style on a budget.

  • Colour Scheme

The first step toward attaining that Hampton style in your home is to look at the rooms’ color. Simply changing them to a soft white accentuates the room’s entire feel and look, making it seem more spacious. 

Think soft neutral, creamy tones and sea blues. These colors tend to make individuals happy and feel great about the room. The color palette should flow from the inside to the outside. They need to sit comfortably with each other, even if they are of different colors. 

  • Flooring

For centuries, timber floorboards have featured in Hampton style homes. They are durable and give the house a natural feeling. American white oak is popularly used to create that sense of warmth and drama.

  • Curtains

In classic Aussie Hampton style, ceiling-to-floor floaty curtains create a feeling of romance in a room. Additionally, it significantly contributes to the ambient light and airy feel in a room. For kitchen and bathrooms, consider installing Roman blinds or sheer curtains- they soften the mood.

  • Textiles 

Any Hampton style prominently features layer upon layer of linen and cotton. You can make use of all the shades of white and blue cushions on your sofas and bed. Avoid the intricate, elegant patterns. Instead, go for that simplistic look that is neither aggressive nor demanding.

  • Rug

No Australian Hampton style home is complete without a right looking rug. As trivial as it may appear, this step shouldn’t be taken lightly. Getting the right rug will make a significant difference. 

As always, ensure that the color matches the entire theme, thus creating a sense of relaxation and purpose.

  • Mirrors

Just as the rug is essential in completing the bigger picture, mirrors too have a role to play here. A properly placed mirror will enhance the light within the room and create a feeling of openness and freedom.

  • Illuminance

Decorative wall sconces and other elegantly placed light fixtures like lamps with LED bulbs can add pizzazz to areas within the home and furniture, i.e., fireplace, bookshelves. These offer the most comfortable way of creating a conducive environment to compliment the style.

  • Complimentary Pieces

Finish up by incorporating classic Hampton pieces to complete the look. Combining accent pieces that effortlessly go hand-in-hand is the way to achieve that look and feel of cohesion. It makes the room appear fancy yet effortless.

Despite Hampton style furniture Australia designs being popular, you don’t have to spend tons of money in pursuit of this treasured look. All you need is a bit of work, creativity, and patience. Nearly anyone can WOW visitors to their home by following these easy DIY pointers.

photo credit: Beautiful Chaos Companies

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