How to Ensure a Better Water Flow in Your Home

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Identifying the types of water services that you have is the first step of creating a better water flow in the home. For those who live in a city or suburban area, water is usually supplied by a water company or a public utility. You probably have a pump, a well, a pressure tank, and a pressure switch that regulates your home’s amount of water pressure. Here are some of the few things to do to avoid causes of water flow problems.

Test the Water Pressure

It is advisable to purchase a water pressure gauge that attaches to any exterior hose bib. Choose the most appropriate faucet close to where the water comes into the home, that is, if you receive water from a private or public company. Open the faucet completely to test pressure after being screwed on the water pressure gauge to the hose bib. Record the amount of pressure on the gauge. You note that pressure drops if the pressure delivered to your home is not consistent.

Use Valves and Water Restrictors

It is recommendable for a suburban home or city to locate the valve box where the water comes into the home. Ensure that the gate valve is always open by turning the handle counterclockwise. Make sure that the lever is open in line with the pipe for any lever valve. A partially closed valve usually reduces the water pressure coming into your house. To increase water flow, remove all water restrictors inside the showerheads or faucets. If you wish to have quality valves for home functions, consider using the blackhawk supply control valves.

Regularly Examine Showerheads and Faucets

Always remove the aerators on faucets and examine them for iron, sand, calcium, or magnesium deposits. Hard water usually causes calcium and magnesium deposits to build up on showerheads and inside faucet aerators. Clean them by regularly soaking the aerator or showerheads in a bowl filled with vinegar until the stakes are gone. If the marks are permanent, replace the showerheads and aerators to increase water flow in your home. If installed correctly, a water-saving showerhead can improve flow and save on water usage.

Use the Best Piping Technique

Make confirmation of the pipes that supply water to the home. If the pipes used are galvanized, it must be replaced to increase the water flow and pressure in the home. With time, deposits usually build up in the galvanized pipes’ inner part, which reduces the water flow. To achieve better results, replace the old pipe with polyvinyl chloride or copper piping as it is recommendable.

Equip Your Home with a Pressure Switch

A home equipped with a pressure switch can benefit since the switch can be adjusted to increase water flow. A well and pressure tank needs to note the pressure on the pressure gauge above the pressure relay switch.  To increase pressure, turn off the switch’s power as you remove and adjust the plastic nut clockwise. Get the service of a qualified plumber to avoid problems of missing water and always use quality supply control valves. 

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