The Ejector Bed is committed to wake you up!

Ejector Bed

Ejector Bed

Of-course it is annoying to wake up in morning and leave your bed when you are sleeping and deep into dreams. Many of us simply love to hit the snooze button of alarm clock and sleep again. Now how about having a bed that push you away and make you wake right in time. Built by Colin Furze the “Ejector bed” is featured with no snooze button and as the alarm goes off this bed will throw you out of it but not as far as to make you hurt or so.

As the alarm clock goes off two flashing light get activated along-with two fire alarms, also two semi truck horns and firework to wake you. And now if you are still lazy enough and do now wake, you are than launched out of bed :). Remember if pressure on the air tank is fixed high up, you will be thrown farther.

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