The ’emotional’ Smart Lamp from Emoi is sure to make you mushy

Smart lamp speaker by emoi_1

Who would have thought that in the 21st century even the modest alarm clock would get a makeover. Emoi’s Smart Lamp, manages to convert a simple alarm clock into a thinking responsive gadget that is the perfect blend of a speaker phone, with an alarm clock and a sound system.

It looks like a luminous crystal ball, but in fact has so much more to offer. Just install the App on your Smartphone and start using this simple yet so efficient Smart Lamp. You can use it as a night lamp in your children’s room or even place it on your deck or patio. The speaker can be easily paired with any Smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Come home after a tiring day at work, kick off your shoes and just tap the Smart Lamp, to play soothing music for your ears. It is portable so carry it with you to your favorite haunts. The user friendly App, allows complete control to the user. You can use it to dim the light, set an alarm or play music.

Smart lamp speaker by emoi_2

The light from the lamp is very soft as if mimicking natures dusk and dawn. Just a gentle tap on the cover ad your lamp will lighten up. The designers at Emoi are determined to look for beauty in daily objects in order to elevate their emotional quotient.

The Kickstarter campaign starts at only $5, making it a tempting purchase this festive season for friends and loved ones. Do check out the early bird specials in order to make the most of their offer. In order to get your hands on the white speaker, remember you need to pledge $79. The Smart Lamp will be available in stores for $100. The range of colors is bewildering choose from  stark white to hues of green to black.

The Smart Lamp is designed to invoke the emotional quotient in each one of us, in order to feel more connected to the elements of sound and light. The Smart Lamp can be easily called a 360 degree device for sound projection that uses a radiator technology, to deliver superior performance at low frequencies of sound, of up to 90db.

If you are having doubts about the output of the lamp, it can actually light up an area of ten meters and has a spectrum output of 2800 to 3000k. Just charge it once and enjoy soft light for 12 hours or listen to music continuously for 8 hours or enjoy both for three and a half hours at a stretch.

Smart lamp speaker by emoi_3

The Smart Lamp easily qualifies as a must have lamp for the Genx who look for efficiency and touch controls in all gadgets around them. Go for this Kickstarter campaign that is sure to be a hit in the coming future.

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