Advent Calendar cabinet system crafted from reclaimed wood

Looking like a furniture item coming out of a Wes Anderson’s movie set, this ‘artsy’ item is christened as the ‘Advent Calendar’. However, the design has nothing to do with a calender; rather it is a uniquely crafted cabinet system, composed from reclaimed timbers.Advent Calendar cabinet _1

The disparate nature of the design’s front facade adds a certain degree of whimsicality to the whole conception. However, beyond this eccentric visual scope, the workmanship gone into the cabinet is truly praiseworthy.

Many of the vibrant front sections give way to a whopping 24 doors, each with their own element of surprise. This ‘going down the rabbit hole’ essence is further exemplified by a slew of cutely crafted wooden locks, catches and latches.

The whole project was actually designed for Selfridges & Co, to serve as a novelty shelving system for miniature pairs of shoes and bags. So, at end of the day, it is all about the rare fusion of mystery and adorable instincts.

Via: HendzelandHunt

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