The G·U·M PLAY toothbrush plays music, reads news and collects your teeth data!

The G·U·M PLAY toothbrush plays music and read news_2

When it comes to Japanese products, we have been witness to quite a few interesting contrivances. The above pictured G·U·M PLAY toothbrush continues the innovative tradition with its ability to connect to your smartphone via wireless Bluetooth.

But it is not exactly the Bluetooth-fueled part that tickles our fancy (as we have seen in other toothbrushes too). However, the G·U·M PLAY toothbrush puts back the fun in brushing, with its ability to play music and read news – both via your connected smartphone.

This is done with a dedicated app that shows an interactive screen. So, as you apply the brush on your teeth, the location and pressure of the bristles changes the musical notes – thus in essence, transforming the brush into a musical instrument. The app can be further used as a news feed, with the important info displaying directly on the screen.

The G·U·M PLAY toothbrush plays music and read news_3

The mirthful quotient is accompanied on the health level with the application’s capacity to gauge the data relating to your teeth brushing technique. The software can record the phases over time, and show the teeth-areas and their related brushing actions that were appropriately achieved on your part – with a host of graphical elements. The app can also guide the G·U·M PLAY with the aid of the collected data and a built-in acceleration sensor.

In other words, the toothbrush can help you achieve better brushing techniques, by virtue of both motional attributes (guided by sensors) and a complementary software scope. This nifty yet advanced scope might just prove to be the futuristic solution for the growing cases of periodontal diseases affecting a significant part of Japanese population. And finally, as for the commercial side of affairs, the G·U·M PLAY toothbrush is expected to make its retail debut by 2015.

The G·U·M PLAY toothbrush plays music and read news_4

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