10 unique and never-seen-before door designs from around the world

10 unique and never-seen-before door designs

In most ancient civilizations, the door was supposed to symbolically allude to the personality of the homeowner. The door can say so much about the inhabitants of the home.

We today bring for you, ten unique door designs that we bet you must have not seen before. Each one of them unique, and in no way similar to the other. Read on more, to get impressed by their uniqueness.

1. The Turquoise door with a painting from Germany

This is a beautiful vintage door that is sure to catch the attention of many a passersby. The bright turquoise and the child like landscape painting below makes it a wonderful point of entry for this house. On looking closely, you will see a small garden with red mini flowers on it.

The Turquoise door with a painting from Germany_1

2.The ‘asymmetrical’ door at Brussels

At the first glance it looks like just any other old door. But look closely and you will see beautiful stained glass partition and an old door set in a perfect arch, with a stone hedge. And that’s not all; the door is not divided into two. It gives an illusion of two, but in fact is just one simple door. It has a rustic charm, almost inviting you to peep inside.

door that is amazing_2

3. The red port door of Prague

This red door has a massive personality of its own. It looks so domineering when close; so just imagine how impressive it would look when open. The beading work in brownish grey and the inlay work in white, make it look designed to serve the exact purpose. We are guessing many a peasant took their produce to sell through these doors. The carvings on the sides reflect a bountiful produce, while the expression of the farmer on the top says it all.

The red port door of Prague_3

4. The doors of the Dormition Cathedral in Moscow

Russians have a very rich cultural heritage when it comes to architecture and especially places of religious belief. The cascade of the doors of this cathedral are hand painted in bright colors. One can see the guardian angels and the revered saints looking down upon the believers. The door in particular has a very interesting latticed design, in the form of geometrical small squares. Each square has a floral pattern on its borders. This simple geometric arrangement is seen on the entire semi circular frame.

doors of the Dormition Cathedral in Moscow_4

5. Old wooden door from rural India

This door reminds you of the olden times, when people did not bother to lock their homes and secure their belongings. It is a typical old door that might still be seen in parts of rural India. You can see the old ‘Kundi’ or locking system installed on it. The orange door set against a bright blue background, looks very inviting.

Old wooden door from rural India_5

6. The Parisian door in Paris

The door is an amazing example of art nouveau. This unique form of art has been around for almost 100 years, and has patrons all over the globe. Having said that, the first thing you notice is the private parts of a man on the door and the private parts of a lady too. The wrought iron gates of this door are believed to have housed a brothel behind them. But without a doubt it is a unique piece of art.

The Parisian door in Paris_6

7. The wooden teak curtain in India

This door has a never seen before exceptional design that can easily be classified as genius. The designers have fixed together 40 sections of Burma teak with the help of 160 pulleys and 80 ball bearings. When you enter through the door, its takes the shape of a beautiful fan.

The wooden teak curtain in India_7

8. The red door in Hutong, Beijing, in China.

This door and its outer frame are designed to catch the attention of one and all. A huge red painted wooden door, is encompassed in a snake shaped frame with a straight top. The door has impressive lion shaped door knockers that create curiosity about what lies behind these red doors.

The red door in Hutong, Beijing, in China_8

9. In memory of Aunt Elvira

This beautiful door manages to invoke nostalgia and childhood memories. The door depicts the hand painting of an old shepherdess carrying wood on her head, accompanied with her pet goat. The slogan on the door lovingly says – ‘In memory of aunt Elvira’. The door without saying depicts the love for his aunt by the painter.

In memory of Aunt Elvira_9

10. Traditional door in Jiaju Tibetan Village, China

It looks small but this door opens to a village that houses 140 Tibetan families. The village was declared the ‘ most beautiful village in China’ in 2005, by Chinese National Geographic magazine. The design on the door is very Tibetan, and the detailing very traditional. The color scheme is seemingly bright, yet soothing to the nerves.

Traditional door in Jiaju Tibetan Village, China_10

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