The geometry-based Tilt fruit bowl inevitably adjusts itself

Tilt fruit bowl by Joseph Begley_1

Pure geometry fuses with the essence of wonderment to coalesce into the utterly fascinating Tilt, a pewter fruit bowl crafted by Joseph Begley. Almost looking like a halved geodesic dome from the conceptual designs of the great Buckminster Fuller, the conspicuous ’tilt’ of the vessel’s axis alludes to its remarkably delicate demeanor.

Geometry and physics both play their equal parts in the positional equilibrium of the bowl. For example, the base section of the crock comprises of dual pentagonal facades. So, when the fruits shift their weight, the bowl adjusts accordingly by supporting itself upon anyone of the pentagonal bases. This means – the state of equilibrium is always maintained, despite the considerable degree of slant.

This element of flexibility also manifests during the Tilt bowl’s usage pattern. In fact, the tilting mechanism sort of acts as an interactive system, thus strengthening the intangible ‘bond’ between the user and the object. This novel ambit surely adds some flair to the conventionally static scope of kitchen crockery.

Via: JosephBegley

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