The Hassle-Free Way To Move Home: From The House Hunt To Your New Home

moving boxes

In 2020, we’ve all been spending more time than ever before in our homes. If all the time confined to your own walls has made you realize that you need a change, you might be considering a move.

Before you head to the open houses and start scanning the listings, you’ll want to check out our guide.

Check out these four easy steps that will help you move home with the least hassle possible. 

Finding Your Dream Home

What makes a dream come true? A lot of hard work, preparation, and a bit of luck. Similarly, you’ll have to put in a fair bit of effort if you want to find your dream home. You probably have a decent idea of what your preferred type of house will be like. A modern design? Homey and heritage listed? High ceilings? Set against a big backyard? Plus, of course, you know your own family better than anyone else so you’ll know how many bedrooms you’ll need, how you’ll use your kitchen and if your kids need space to run around.

To quote Mr. Rogers, ‘it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.’ As always, Mr. Rogers was right and you have to think about who and what you want in your neighbourhood. Believe it or not, even more than your house itself, the community you surround yourself with is what turns just any house into your dream home. Ask yourself what you want and need from your neighbourhood. What are your priorities? Do you need to be near good schools, walking distance from the beach so you can surf every morning, on a public transport line, where all the new restaurants and bars are popping up?

You’ll also need to examine the longevity of your chosen suburb. Look at the possibility of getting a job in or near the area as well as the local infrastructure and any pre-approved future developments. In Australia, for example, matters are further complicated by the fact that real estate is just so darn expensive. So you can research articles about the cheapest and most livable suburbs in your city to help you make the decision about where you might look for your dream home. If you’re interested in doing some further reading about how to best research your property before you make an offer check out the linked article.

Making An Offer

Making an offer on a house is overwhelming. For almost all of us, it’s the largest amount of money that we’ll ever spend on any individual purchase. Handling that amount of money can be daunting and it’s easy to psyche yourself out. Before you make the purchase, check out this guide to making an offer.

With the price of real estate skyrocketing like it’s been set alight by NASA themselves you’ll likely need to look into a home loan. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor home loans can seem daunting and there’s no question that it’s one of the most complex aspects of personal finance. You’ll need to consult your financial institution about which sort of loan and repayment options suit you and your family’s needs. 

Moving Day

The actual process of moving can be fairly arduous. Simply put, it’s a hassle. The stress of moving can honestly taint the process of moving house and create tensions in the family. Even before the day of the big move, cramming your entire life into cardboard boxes is no easy feat. You’ll want to call in the big guns, get your best friends around to help you cull your sweatshirts, manage packing tape and to help you Tetris your belongings into boxes. Of course you’ll need your strongest friend to help you lug your boxes to and from the moving vans. When people come round to help you pack, reward them with plenty of wine and take out – it will help you make memories in your old home before you move out. 

It’s important to always ask around for moving recommendations before committing to a moving company. Look for a local company who will know the area, where to park and the fastest routes to and from locations.

Moved In

Once you’ve moved in do the most to make the place feel like home straight away. Make sure that your lights and internet are set up for your first night. If you have kids make sure you can get their rooms set up on the first night and that their favourite toys are in a box you can easily unpack so they don’t have to be without their special toys on their first night in a new home. It will help make the transition easier.

Remember that home is where the heart is and the most important thing you need to be doing to make your house feel like home is to fill it with people you love. Make precious memories and fill your home with love!

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