9 Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Garden

potting in garden

Over the last few months, you’ve probably been spending more time at home than you normally would as a result of the pandemic lockdowns. You may have noticed, during that time, that your garden is looking a little drab and dated and in need of a decent revamp. In this article, we provide you with 9 simple, labor sparing ways to revitalize your garden without spending a fortune.

Add a Pond

Creating a pond feature adds something special to any outdoor garden setting. It also provides an awesome setting to place an outdoor seating area around. Ponds are surprisingly easy to create. All it requires is digging a hole, fitting it with a rigid pond liner, installing a water filter and pump and then surrounding the pond with a natural rock formation or whatever setting you decide upon. Check out this guide on how to get it done . . .


Outdoor Seating

Adding an outdoor seating area can instantly transform your outdoor environment. Your garden area can be transformed from a part of the property that you hardly ever spend time into a focal point of outdoor entertainment with the addition of an outdoor furniture set. 

If you’ve got a large sturdy tree, you may even decide to instal an outdoor swing chair. Few things are more relaxing than swaying back and forth on a beautiful evening as you watch the sun going down over the horizon. It’s the perfect antidote for a long hard day. Install a tree swing and you can experience that serenity each end every night. 

Construct a Tree House

Looking for a way to get the kids off the computer and outdoors? Why not involve them in a tree hut building project? As well as bonding with you during the construction, it will also encourage them to camp out under the stars and do more non screen related activities – especially if you set a technology in the tree hut policy!

Tree houses aren’t just for kids. Adults, too, can find them to be a great place to get some quiet alone time, mindfully meditate and recharge their batteries. 

If building a tree hut seems like too ambitious a project, you can always purchase one outright or have a builder knock one up for you. On the other hand, specialized webshops such as Botanex offer a range of tree pruners that will help you with the job. 

Make a Greenhouse

Making a greenhouse is not as daunting as it sounds. You can make a perfectly usable one with plastic sheeting rather than glass. As well as significantly reducing the cost factor, this will also make for a tougher, more durable greenhouse. You will be able to plant tropical plants and continue gardening regardless of the outside weather conditions. Greenhouses also keep the nasty bugs and animals away from your prized plants and allow you to more economically use such resources as water. 

Add Pets

If you want to add vibrancy and life to your garden environment, you can’t do much better than getting a pet. Few people can resist the temptation of spending time with rabbits or guinea pigs as they frolic around in your backyard. Be sure to get a pet that is able to run freely in the space that you have available. You should also build a secure pen to house the animal and keep it safe from larger predators.

Create a Kid’s Playground

If you’ve got age appropriate children, why not set up an outdoor play area. Depending on your budget and level of enthusiasm, you could add a slide, swing set, obstacle course or sand pit. This is another excellent way to coax your children off the computer and out into the fresh air. 

Add a BBQ Area

If you want to draw your family out into the garden in the early evenings, a BBQ area is the ideal way to do it. Eating a meal that you’ve just cooked while relaxing in front of your garden is the very definition of unwinding. You can either buy a ready made BBQ or create your own BBQ pit. This is another project that is not as tricky as you might first assume. Check out this easy guide . . .


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