The Naomi nutcracker, the must-have kitchen accessory

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Cracking nuts could not get simpler than this, we bet. The Naomi nutcracker makes all nutcrackers with prongs, and other kitchen implements that claim to make nut cracking simple, look lame.

This Thanksgiving serve your bird and mash potatoes with a big bowl of shelled nuts. And do remember to keep another bowl near the fireplace. This Naomi wonder adds a definite kick to the lame job of cracking nuts. The immense pleasure of stretching something, and snapping it close, is the basic aesthetic idea behind this nutcracker.

When your order a Naomi nutcracker, designed by Take2, you get a small package of adventure free with it. This is a sound investment that is guaranteed to offer superior functionality year after year.

The nutcracker works by a simple action of pull and snap. The energy created by the tension in the springs hits the nut with full force and snaps it open. And the snap close effect ensures that none if the shells spread out. They stay intact inside the spring. On closer inspection you will notice that inside the conical shaped spring is a pin.

Naomi nutcracker_2

The nutcracker comes with a stainless steel bowl on which the nut is placed. So the moment the spring, which is pulled with the help of a silicon ball, is released, the pin hits the nut with full force – thus snapping it open.

The nutcracker is made out of top quality stainless steel, with a silicone top. With dimensions of 65mm diameter and 100m height, it is capable of shelling almost all types of nuts.With this simple but effective device, Naomi has managed to make cracking nuts child’s play. The Naomi Nut cracker was also awarded a Red Dot Design Award for its aesthetic design, consumer experience and superior functionality.

Just click on the video and the sheer simplicity of the experience is bound to impress you.

Buy – €20 (round $25)

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