The O2 by OxygenTech is an oxygenated water maker that pumps up oxygen in your bloodstream

The O2 by OxygenTech_1

During our busy work schedules many of us hardly get time to exercise and do any physical activity to keep ourselves fit. It’s important to keep doing something to pump up oxygen in our bloodstream. Habits like heavy drinking, smoking and lack of exercise lessens quantity of oxygen in our blood. Solution to this problem is O2 – an oxygenated water maker, developed by OxygenTech in Korea. Oxygenated water is simple water with high concentration of oxygen dissolved in it.
The O2 provides you 120 milligrams (120ppm) per liter of oxygen dissolved in a glass of tap water. The minimum concentration of oxygen dissolved in the water needs to be about 100ppm and considering this parameter O2 proves itself to be highly oxygenated. According to the sources one cup of oxygenated water of the O2, helps in increasing oxygen saturation by 2%, which actually takes one year of regular exercise and that too without consuming liquor and cigarettes. Well that sounds interesting.

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Via: Whowired