Clopen an invisible drawer hidden in a floating shelf keeps your valuables more secure

Clopen an invisible drawer_1

Clopen is a floating shelf form Japanese company Torafu Architects, that contains a masked place to hide your valuables and any other item that you intend to keep safe and also out of reach from others. This secret drawer is 23mm thick and has wood veneer finish, which is laid over the top of the aluminum parts that makes whole shelf like a strong and dense piece of timber. This floating shelf Clopen can be opened with a magnetic keys, thus enabling owner to unlock this hidden drawer. It’s impossible to crack the gateway and intrude to this secret store. One can be fully confident and carefree about the secrecy of his/her stored belongings there. Just make sure that details don’t get trespassed to someone.
According to the product website we got to know that Clopen has gone through design phase and now hitting the production. At present there is no information available about Clopen’s availability and price.

Clopen an invisible drawer_2 Clopen an invisible drawer_3 Clopen an invisible drawer_4


Via: Gizmag/Designboom