The robotic Mofa bridges the gap between a robovac and a mobile mop

Our merry way with charming robotic cleaning devices continues with the adorable, fluffy and presumably efficient Mofa. Originally conceived by Japanese company CCP, the wireless contrivance affably bridges the gap between a vacuum cleaner and a mop.CCP Mofa mopping robot_1

The mopping credential of the Mofa is showcased by the tuft of microfiber materials that amply covers the underside of the floor hugging contraption. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaning aspects are exhibited by its built-in absorption mechanism that can take care of micro-particles like dust and pollen.

Now of course, we don’t really expect the Mofa to have the same level of finesse or smart cleaning attributes as the exalted Roombas. However, the device does have its own share of advantages over conventional vacuum cleaners, like – the mitigation of noise, and its battery-fueled, cordless feature that eschews electricity from power outlets (and hence reduces energy bills).

And, the best part is – Mofa is comparatively cheaper for a robovac (though we are not too sure of its availability beyond Japan). So, if you are looking forward to those casual cleaning sessions, the bantam robotic mop/cleaner might just be your solution.

CCP Mofa mopping robot_2

Dimensions: 235 x 80 x 235 (in mm); Weight: 0.5 kg
Battery life: 1.5 hours

Price – ¥7,800 (around $76).

Via: AkihabaraNews

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