The Santo shadow lamp impresses us with its ‘magical’ aspects

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In the realm of contemporary designs, majority of products have a tendency to cater to our status-oriented needs. And as a result of this commercial trend of gimmicks and materialism, the true essence of wonderment sometimes gets lost in the big picture of sales and profits. But as always, innovation has its own value, and this time around the dictum is aptly proven by the simple yet poignant Santo shadow lamp.

Created by the ‘TalCosa, Productos en Serio’ design collective (one of the members being Róger Zambrano), the Santo comprises of a CNC-machined pinewood support that houses a candle. Users can fix a laser-cut plastic silhouette at the end of this wooden support, thus creating a wondrous play of light and shadow due to the flickering of the lit candle.

The scope of the Santo is however not just limited to this tepid yet natural lighting effect. According to Zambrano, the plastic silhouette will represent a well known religious figure (hence the name Santo, which translates to ‘saint’ in both Spanish and Portuguese). In other words, the shifting ambiance of the light will allude to a spiritual experience for many. This in turn symbolizes the intrinsic level of bonding between the user and the lighting product.

As Zambrano puts it forth in a succinct manner –

Santo is not just a product but also a holistic ‘magical’ experience.

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Source: RogZam

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