The simple yet incredible Spill Not Coffee Device!

Spill Not Coffee Device from Edmund Scientifics_1

When it comes to coffee mugs, we have been witness to a variety of advanced technologies, ranging from phase changing layers that keep your beverage ‘eternally’ warm to heat-changing graphics that brings forth reveries of ole video games. But what about a practical mechanism that ‘magically’ keeps your coffee from spilling by just using simple physical phenomenons? Well, the aptly named Spill Not Coffee Device from Edmund Scientifics fulfills this novel quotient with effortless considerations.

As we can make out from the images, the ‘device’ only comprises of a base connected to a rigid member, which in turn is attached to a strap through a hook. The filled coffee mug can be kept on this circular base, while being carried with the help of the strap.

Now, the real advantage of the Spill Not manifests itself when this ribbon strap is swung around, and yet the coffee volume in the mug remains safely intact. As is showcased in the video (above), this wondrous ‘no spill’ credential is incredibly maintained through the simple physical effects of centrifugal force, lateral force and center of gravity.

Finally, coming to the scope of practicality, we do see the nifty Spill Not Coffee Device fulfilling its purpose in places like boats, trains and even airplanes. And this simplicity of effective usage does pretty much justify the $12.95 price tag.

Spill Not Coffee Device from Edmund Scientifics_2

Spill Not Coffee Device from Edmund Scientifics_3

For buying, you can check out the product page.

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