The Smart Box tech keeps your sandwiches warm and ice-creams cold

Smart Box from Melt restaurant_1

What might look like just another orange cooler may very well be the crucial technology that fuels the future of many budding restaurants and catering businesses. Otherwise known as the ‘Smart Box’, this jaunty looking contraption is actually envisaged as a food storing device that keeps your cooked goodies fresh and warm. This is touted to be done through the balanced regulation of various factors, including – humidity, air flow and of course the mode of temperature.

The magic of such ‘atmospheric’ control is governed by the integrated features of the Smart Box, which boasts of an incorporated mechanism of fans and heaters that upholds the crisp and warm quality of the prepared food. In other words, the best product experience can be supplied (by the caterers and restaurants) in varied places during different times of the day, with the fresh ambit covering familiar stuff like grilled cheese, homemade soups to farm fresh salads and even soft-serve ice creams.

Lastly, regarding the valuable technological scope, the brains behind the Smart Box have come from well-known organizations like Apple and Google. So, we can only hope for the nifty device to make its commercial debut in the near future. As for now, the design has been patronized by San Francisco-based restaurant chain, The Melt.

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Via: Today

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