Carbon fiber chaise lounge Fluid by Massimo Iosa Ghini


Carbon fiber is a material that’s finding its way into our homes on a regular basis of late. That because the material is airy, lightweight and remarkably strong. These characteristics are reflected in each object made from carbon fiber; case in point, this exquisitely designed chaise lounge by designer Massimo Losa Ghini.

A perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, the amazingly designed chaise lounge dubbed Fluid is where representation of movement is the representation of existence.


The chaise lounge made from carbon fiber composite material, and polished and finished in high gloss transparent lacquer, weighs as light as 16 kg (35.3 lbs). Measuring 70-inches x 70-inches x D198- inches, the lounge is available in 5 different colors in matte or glossy finish.

The unique furniture unit can also be custom-made in different finishes, but for 20 percent extra cost. A regular colored Fluid will cost you €9,980 (approx. $13,400).



Via: MastElements

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