The ‘smiling’ Sloth Tea Infuser for leisurely slow tea brews

Smiling Sloth Tea Infuser_1

Having your hot cup of effulgent tea is all about those small pleasures of life. This especially rings true in our daily grind masquerading as modern lifestyles. But what if you could include the leisurely sloth in the middle of the rat race delirium? Well, that is exactly what the Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser brings into the mix, with its amiable ‘visage’ and nifty tea-making credentials.

Molded from silicone (while eschewing those harmful BPA or phthalates), the Sloth Tea Infuser is tailored to slow brewing sessions of 15 minutes. Beyond the time factor, this is a symbolic revolt against the fast-paced lifestyles that most of us are mundanely accustomed to.

So, kick back, relax and let the smiling sloth do its job. And, the best part is – the entire novelty item will set you back by just $10.

Buy (availability expected from April of this year).

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