Heat Map Microwave visually portrays the optimized level of warmth needed by your food

Heat Map Microwave by Mark Rober

Microwave ovens are all well and good until they fail to properly heat your food, especially along its inner core. Well, the groovy Heat Map Microwave might solve your food heating woes with its heat signature detection that pretty much provides a visual cue (via a LCD screen) to the warming up scope of an item inside the oven

In spite of the seemingly complex setup, this ingenious concept from former NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober is very straightforward. An infrared camera is fixed to the ceiling above the microwave. This camera targets the food inside the device, and thus maps its heat signature. As we can make out from the images (and video below), the color ranges from blue, yellow to red and finally white – thus denoting the ascending levels of heat.

So, you can visually mark the heat level as it goes from blue to white – with white being the optimized warmness needed by the food. What’s more, Rober is also looking forth to a smartphone-connected ambit which would allow the user to remotely monitor the Heat Map Microwave (from the phone’s screen). This in turn will present the opportunity to heat your food from anywhere in the house with far better warming results.

So, if you are enticed by the prospect of having such a nifty device around kitchen, please do take a gander at the petition page that might just make it a commercial reality.

Via: Gizmodo

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