The ‘succulent’ Giant Drumstick Pillow delightfully whets our appetite

Drumstick Pillow

Remember the delectably designed Pizza inflatable chair? Well, it seems the scrumptious furniture piece has a serious contender for its delightfully appetizing essence. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your hats to the above pictured heavenly piece of chicken leg, courtesy of the Giant Drumstick Pillow.

Created with fascinating details (oh, just look at those slightly burned portions speckled amid the lusciously glazed golden skin!), the pillow surely flaunts its credential as the wet dream for gourmets and gourmands alike. In fact, we are worried that the hyper-realistic graphics might just entice you enough to go for those embarrassing pillow bites, especially during your inebriated condition.

And, the best part is – the contrivance is not just for any publicity gimmick. You can buy your own Giant Drumstick Pillow by paying just $25 from Beloved Shirts. So, make your haste, as we all know juicy chicken pieces do not really account to a lengthy shelf life.

Via: FoodBeast

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