Behold the Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion, integrated with a motor fan!

Modern day pillow designs have certainly traversed their functional scope as just bed accessories. This is evident from a myriad of novel pillow products, with some being able to forecast weather and some being able to abate your snoring.Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion_3

However, this time around things go beyond the ambit of bedrooms to cater to your sleeping woes in planes, trains and automobiles. We are talking about the Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion designed by Lisa Sypher And Joseph Dauphin, which as the name suggests – allows you to bend forward and gleefully take your nap.

Mainly tailored to economic class passengers in an airplane, users can now lean forward to rest upon the comfortable pillow, thus relieving the pressure around their spine area.

In fact, the form-factor of the Forward Front Face cushion has been specially designed to occupy the front food-tray in most passenger airplane seats.

Now, beyond both the form-factor and posture, it is the unique hollow feature of the design that really tickles our fancy. A relatively large open cavity is located on the top side of the accessory to snugly put your face in. Additionally, two smaller holes open up on both sides of the pillow for the much needed ventilation.Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion_2

But the most interesting attribute is arguably the third small hole that is located on the back side of the contrivance. This minuscule pocket remarkably houses a 5V mini fan that is powered by a complementary battery tray comprising of three D CELL batteries and an activation switch.

The pillow’s internal hollow pattern accentuates upon this flow of air, thus improving both ventilation and personal comfort.

Lastly, the Forward Front Face cushion set also boasts of an adjustable strap that can be used to attach the pillow with the front seat of a car (so that you can access it from the back seat). And, the best part is – all of these cool features are commercially viable with the product making its debut at Kickstarter.

Price – $86 (with shipping costs). Available in blue and red color schemes.

Via: Qualitytravelpillow

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