The Walking Tube keeps changing its shape until you get the desired lamp

Walking Tube by Michael Schoner_1

We all love making interior décor at home unique and interesting with little additions and changes. This time try to bring that newness with the unique lamp “the Walking Tube,” which features a new and exciting design to give a refreshing look to your home decor. The exclusive lamp is the brainchild of Michael Schoner, a designer settled in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Schoner has his design workshop wherein he keeps designing multifarious projects. Out of his numerous projects, the Walking Tube came out as a new design and something that is completely different from the existing lamps. The shape demanded use of such material that could offer great flexibility, and to no surprise, the designer chose PVC owing to its fascinating properties.

Walking Tube by Michael Schoner_2

After seeing its picture, you would realize that the designer has given this lamp an apt name – the Walking Tube. It is a white cylindrical tube with four parts (that resemble legs) touching the surface. Those four legs make the lamp appear as if it is walking. Schoner has used his creativity and the nature of PVC material well to form a shape that is fascinating the viewers. PVC heats up, turns into a soft leather-like state and gets back to its sturdy shape once it cools down.

The bulb fits in the flesh area of the Walking Tube, i.e. the cylindrical part. You can use colored bulbs, if you like, or plain LED bulbs to turn the lamp green. Two bulbs fit in one Walking Tube, one in the front cylindrical part and one in the back. This way the lamp becomes a two-sided search light, or a lamp emitting soft glow. In case you want to change the positioning of legs, simply heat it a bit and press or turn the legs in whichever direction you want.

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