InConcert Pro table-top speaker system delivers concert quality sound into your home

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The market is flooded with numerous audio systems that promise a lot but deliver very little. This is the age of portable audio systems, which could synchronize with our gadgets and produce good sound. Good sound to elevate our moods, to relax our minds or simply to be in a world of ecstasy.

Signal has launched a tabletop audio system to give us aural pleasure. They claim that this device will deliver concert quality sound. Known as Inconcert Pro, the device is made from polycarbonate plastic, which is more resistant to scratches than ABS plastic, which is a popular choice in the industry.

Inconcert Pro is a Bluetooth speaker, which is compatible with a TV, audio systems, laptops, mobile phone and tablets that you can dock in the device itself. Even if there is no Bluetooth functionality in your home theatre, you can connect it via the ports located at the rear. In addition to this, it has an inbuilt microphone for listening to phone calls via the speaker. The device comes with an effective noise cancellation feature too.

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This tabletop audio system comes with a subwoofer and two speakers. The speakers together deliver thirty watts of powerful sound to enhance your audio experience. To add to the aesthetics, there are lights on the device that glow with music. Interestingly, there is a USB port at the rear of the unit, through which we can charge our mobile device docked in the slot of the unit.

An ergonomically designed button on the device permits the user to switch between the different modes, Bluetooth, RCA and aux. There are knobs alongside to control the volume, bass and treble. Signal Inconcert Pro entices the music lovers to bring it home as it has the advantage of being portable and connects to a variety of devices.

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