Top 5 hangouts for germs in our homes and how to deal with them

5 hangouts for germs in our homes

By the time you finish reading this, washing your hands will be the top most priority in your mind.  Let’s accept the fact that in our homes we are sharing space with a large community of invisible neighbors. They have different backgrounds, sizes and habits. We are talking about dust mites, e coli and many other microscopic organisms that can be collectively termed as germs in our homes.

And just because you cannot see them doesn’t mean that they are not there, watch out for them or else your family and you might be inviting a wide range of health problems. Watch out for these places which are the favorite breeding grounds of these tiny intruders.

Guard your kitchen

Guard your kitchen_1

The dish towels and the sponges are the culprits here as they tend to be moist all the time. Most of us remember to scrub the sink but pay little attention to the faucets.

Get the germs out and running by keeping the faucets, the knobs of the drawers and cupboard and the refrigerator door clean.

The knobs and the switches are sending out SOS

The knobs and the switches are sending out SOS_2

How often have you remembered to wipe the light switches, the door knobs or the cupboard handles?

Fix a day in the week when you pamper them by wiping them with a disinfectant wipe. And please don’t go around cleaning the whole house with the same wipe.

Your dirty laundry is bursting at the seams with germs

laundry germs_3

If you are lazy to push the buttons of the washing machine and do the laundry, then you can easily be classified as the savior of the germs. As the wet unattended laundry is the most fertile breeding ground for germs to make merry. Transfer washed clothes to the drier, before the germs finalize their comeback plans.

And remember your machine won’t mind being cleaned with a disinfectant wipe once in a while. It’s all for a good cause after all.

Only if you could see the number of germs having a party on the remote control

Germs on remote control_4

We drop it on the floor, chew on it, sit on it, sneeze and even drop pasta on it. And in this case we are the carriers of the dirt and infection to it. We bet your friendly remote does not look so welcoming anymore.

Don’t stress just wipe it with an alcohol wipe and wash your hands often in order to save it from pathogen warfare.

Your toothbrush is the favorite dating joint for e coli

Toothbrush germs_5

Have you ever given a thought to the ravages of germ attacks that your brush faces alone, all day and night, and alone in the washroom? The moisture in it is like an open invitation for all kinds of germs that can lead to a bad mouth or stomach infection. And mind you it deals with two teams of germs, the one from your mouth and the permanent residents of the bathroom.

Keep it bacteria free by placing it away from the toilet and never ever cap it. Let it air dry. And those of you who think of a brush as an investment do get a new one once every three months.

All is not lost, by washing your hands for 20 seconds or more with water, after every meal and whenever you use the toilet, will keep the germs in check. Use friction and remember even if you use a hand sanitizer, washing with water is necessary after every fourth use.

Be safe and be clean !

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