Touch Tape Measure is an electronic tape with flexible thread

Touch Tape Measure an electronic tape

Touch Tape Measure an electronic tape

Most of us have gone through the trouble of measuring furniture items and accessories by those clumsy household measuring tapes. Some of them are inconveniently made of rolling plastic and even some are dangerously crafted from sharp edged steel. Taking all of these measuring predicaments into account, two professors Yang Ming-Chin and Chen Hsin-I from the National Taipei University of Technology have contrived the Touch Tape Measure, an ‘electronic’ tape for accurate assessment of dimensions.

Comprising of a circular form with an OLED panel, this tape design totally eschews those unwieldy plastic or steel calibrated strips. In fact, the device takes advantage of its digital bearing to integrate a fully flexible thread without minuscule calibrations. This adjustable thread can even be easily wound around irregular or circular objects, with the correct measurement being displayed (in mm) by the OLED panel.

The advantages of the Touch Tape however doesn’t stop at being only able to measure dimensions of asymmetrical items. The illuminated OLED panel also allows us to conduct our measuring operations in the dark. Moreover, the degree of functionality is improved through various small features of the tape. One of these attributes is the small suction cup fixed at one end of the thread, which attaches the flexible string with the object.

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