Trendy shower designs for modern homes

Those of you who have great home décor aspirations and always look for that little bit extra in everything and every space of your home would surely rhyme with me on the idea of transforming your otherwise boring bathroom into a sheer visual extravaganza. Well, if you are thinking there is nothing much to do in this area of home, you are little boring aren’t you.

You can always start from selecting and incorporating from the extremely trendy showers to give it a new makeover altogether. Showers are available in diverse range, designs and makes to give your bathroom modernistic approach; aside from helping owners save plenty in terms of costs related to water and power usage.

1. Arc Shower:

This futuristic shower design can switch effortlessly to the energy saving mode, helping save electricity and water at the same time. The system first preheats fresh water for the shower and mixes this water with cool water to match the temperature you prefer.

The warm water reaches the showerhead. The shallow pool of water that accumulates at the bottom of the concave floor is collected and recycled for next shower.

Arc Shower_1

2. Evok Showerhead:

This unique shower design allows you to use just the right amount of water for a shower by simply reducing the amount of water that flows out of the shower when you are soaping up.

Designed by Ricardo Roprusan and Renato Saes, Evok shower comes with sensor that cuts down the water flow when you move away from the shower. This would reduce the amount of water wasted otherwise. In addition to this, the showerhead also features a digitally controlled temperature bath and a touch-sensitive system.

Evok Showerhead

3. Dynamo Rainbow Shower:

How about taking a shower in a dazzling display of colors? Opting to install the Dynamo Rainbow shower in your bathroom would enable you to enjoy this experience. Designed by Cristina, the showerhead comes with a built in turbine that uses the flow of water to generate electricity.

This energy is used to power colorful LED lights located on the top of the showerhead. Depending on your mood, you can switch the color of the lights to enjoy chromo therapeutic shower experience.

Dynamo Rainbow Shower

4. Closer Showerhead:

Designed by Zucchetti, the Closer showerhead can move between a gentle spa like experience and a powerful, rejuvenating spray. The showerhead features an adjustable arm that you can twist in any direction possible, while a cylindrical counterweight helps keep the arm’s position in place. With a black or chrome finish, the showerhead offers an elegant, stylish look to your bathroom.

Closer Showerhead

5. Rain Soft Shower:

This open air shower features a unique vertical design that mimics the feeling of free falling water. The showerhead comes with a density control feature that would allow you to change between a soothing rainfall mode and a reinvigorating waterfall mode. Better yet, a built-in hot air blowing system would dry your body in a moment.

Rain Soft Shower

6. Dornbracht Horizontal Shower:

Fondly titled “The Island,” this showerhead design is the collaborative effort of DIS, Dornbracht and Mike Meire. The reclining shower features six water bars that shoot down water in three different modes, i.e. Balancing, De-stressing and Energizing. The kitchen island located next to it comes with an e-control that helps regulate the amount of water flowing out of the shower.

Dornbracht Horizontal Shower

7. Folding Shower Enclosure:

If you are stuck with a small bathroom that does not have space for a shower enclosure, then consider opting for this innovative folding shower from Duravit. The folding shower as the name suggests features a shower partition that you can simply fold and tuck away in the corner when not in use.

Considering the fact that the showerhead is not used for any other purpose, a permanent shower enclosure would only eat up unwanted space in your bathroom. The folding shower aims to tackle this issue by offering you a fully functional closed enclosure that lets you enjoy your shower in complete privacy. You can opt for either a clear view glass design or a mirrored enclosure if you want more privacy.

Folding Shower Enclosure

8. Orbsys Shower System:

Designed by Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, the Orbys Shower System is designed to reduce water wastage during showers. Inspired by the recycling units often found in NASA’s space station, the simple but effective design recycles the water that you used for showering and loops it back via a pipe to the showerhead.

While this may sound unhygienic at first, the Orbys Shower System in fact uses a high-end filtration system that purifies the water that loops back from the drain on the shower floor. You may be surprised to note that the filtered water would be purer than the tap water you bathed in originally.

Orbsys Shower System

9. Fog Shower:

This innovative shower design by Brazilian Joao Diego Schimansky uses only 2 liters of water for a 5 minute shower when compared to standard showers that use almost 26 liters of water for the same duration. The Fog Shower uses microscopic water droplets instead of a conventional water stream.

This is made possible by an ultrasonic vaporizer which heats the water under pressure and then pushes it through perforated metal plates. An in built sensor system helps aim the vapor in different directions depending on where the person is standing inside the shower.

Fog Shower

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