TREExOFFICE by Natalie Jeremijenko redefines co-working space

TREExOFFICE by Natalie Jeremijenko

TREExOFFICE is a prototype office created to bring up a new co-working space for community workers and creative people. Designed by Natalie Jeremijenko in association with artists Shuster + Moseley, Tate Harmer and Genseler, the pop-up office in London’s Hoxton square offers a calm working space.

The project is first initiated by Park Hack project, which is further led by Groundwork London and Hackney Council to set up a contemporary space that can sustain and enhance easily in open and public places. Build around a tree, this ultramodern office space is made using compressed paper, whereas the outer walls deploy see-through plastic and translucent polycarbonate, allowing ample light to dispense into the space.

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According to TREExOFFICE website, this unique co-working concept offers eight individual to share the premises for holding small meetings and events. The tree office is equipped with power supply and WiFi connectivity for hassle free meetings.

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The pop-up office is a way to depict one’s closeness with the nature, as see-through material allows people sitting inside to correlate and connect with the nature and the surroundings, which conventional office spaces fail to offer. So, if you are planning to organize a meet up inside the TREExOFFICE, then Park Hack has three lucrative options for you ranging from £15 to few hundred bucks to rent the entire space for half a day on weekdays and raise some money for beautification of surroundings at the same time.

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