Unusually-shaped Slide Shelf by Daniele Lago

Slide Shelf by Daniele Lago

We love our wall-mounted bookshelves to be transformable, so we can change their shape to suit our needs. Realistically, there aren’t too many options available in the market, unless of course, you get one made to order.

However, to work as a readymade solution for our needs, Designer Daniele Lago has developed the Slide Shelf, a storage-shelving unit. Designed for Listone Giordano, the bookshelf is made from rectangular and trapezoid modules stuck together. The modules can be fixed in any shape to liking and can be closed on the ends with bookends.

Book shelves are surely the most common furnishing items you’ll found in every household, simply because it stores away our books neatly in one corner of the house. The Slide Shelf available in about 26 different colors to choose from, gives you just more than one option in that category.

The Slide Shelf is metal lacquered and priced at €180 (approx. USD 240). Did you always want take your home decor to the exclusively eccentric level, where your neighbors would envy? Here is your chance to start right away by taking home the Slide Shelf.

Slide Shelf by Daniele Lago-1

Slide Shelf by Daniele Lago-2

Slide Shelf by Daniele Lago-3

Slide Shelf by Daniele Lago-4

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