V-Tex – A bantam device that can chill beverages within seconds

V-Tex – Microwave chill beverages within seconds

Microwave oven is easily among the greatest inventions of the 20th century, with its everyday practicality far outshining other sensational stuff like atom bombs and submarines. But what about a device that shows the reverse function of a microwave? Sounds dubious?

Well, it ain’t; Enviro-Cool Limited has unveiled their V-Tex product, a contraption that cools instead of heating. Showing the much needed love to our drinks and beverages, the efficient device can cool such bottled items within a matter of ten seconds.

Now, many of you might point out – there are many conventional drink chillers with the same function. Well, that may be the case, but V-Tex has the unique ability to chill drinks while also preserving their carbonation. It does so with what the company terms as ‘start stop rotational sequence’ that creates a Rankine vortex. In simpler terms, it keeps the original state of the drink, while only lowering its temperature.

The obvious advantage of the V-Tex is the reduced time consumption for chilling your drinks (the same time oriented benefit being showcased by microwave ovens). However, the product is also energy efficient with tested figures that show a whopping 80 percent less power consumed than standard chillers.

Furthermore, you can finally unplug your ole basement refrigerator and keep your six packs stored out in the open. You just need to pop them inside the V-Tex before the party, and they can be served chilled and ready!

Via: Enviro-Cool

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