What To Consider When Choosing The Best Bath Neck Pillow For A Home Spa Experience

relaxing in a hot tub

Spending an evening bathing in a hot sauna can help relieve muscle pain and relax the mind. A quality bath neck pillow can enhance this experience. However, features like material, type, suction cups, tub suitability, comfort, and cleaning your pillow affect the enjoyment. Here are three crucial aspects to consider while shopping to find the best pillow for you.


The material used in a bath pillow affects the comfort, durability, and time it takes to dry. Regular materials used in bath pillows are mesh over inflatable plastic and foam.

Although inflatable plastic is easy to fold, store and travel with, it is not as comfortable as other options and can easily pop. The mesh option comes in various varieties, including 3D and 4D mesh. That represents the number of layers and the mesh thickness that is covering the foam.

Both materials are customized to be porous and allow the pillow to dry more quickly. Cushioned bath pillows are squishy than inflatable though they are more likely to get wet three days after use, which can cause problems such as mold. Furthermore, they are not as durable and enduring as mesh foam options. 

Tun Suitability

When looking for an ideal bath pillow, you may need to consider the tub type. For instance, full-body padding may not fit into a shower-tub combination. Besides, a hot tub bath may benefit from a back and neck pillow, while the rest of the body benefits from jets and bubbles. Autonomous tubs are deep but are built of hard materials that are uncomfortable on the joints and bones. A full-body pillow may work best.

The type of bathing tub in your home and the soothing you desire significantly affect which bath pillow works best for you. Consider the size, shape, and bathtub depth and compare it to the pillow’s size, shape, and comfort level.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Bath pillows can be difficult to keep clean. Because you will use them in water, they are more likely not to dry out sufficiently and allow mold to grow. Look for pillows with 3D or 4D mesh to skirt such awful situations. Mesh allows for sufficient breathability and airflow. In addition, dry faster and alleviate the risk of mildew.

Furthermore, it is vital to clean your pillow regularly. Dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants can build up to the padding during baths. Select a pillow that allows easy access to edges and folds to keep your pillow clean and well maintained. Detachable suction cups are best for keeping things tidy. Even more, it is relaxing to know your bathtub and pillow are clean.

After a rough day at work or taking care of the children, it can be healthy for your body and mind to have an hour or two in a bathtub, with a cosy and supportive bath pillow. With the above-highlighted tips, you now have the tools and knowledge you require to select the best bath pillow for you and your family. 

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