With Switchmate you can easily opt for smart lighting system for your home

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With few limitations, oftentimes the conventional switches can be cumbersome to operate. A gadget that can automate these switches and allow you to operate them at your convenience can come to your rescue big time. A Palo Alto, California based startup; Switchmate has come up with a solution that can automate the standard light switch in a matter of seconds. It is slated to be an alternative to Belkin WeMo Switch, which can perform same things but at higher prices.

Switchmate has to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0. Installing and operating the product is convenient and hassle free, and does not require technical knowhow on your part. All you have to do is, replace your existing light switch with Switchmate, connect it to your smartphone, and now you can take control of anything that is connected to your switch, be it your TV, fridge, and all other appliances. You can also set timers to control your lights on a schedule, which makes handling lighting as convenient as possible.

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Switchmate comes incorporated with magnets that are thoughtfully designed to snap to the screws of your existing light controller. As per the company claims, the product work with standard one- and three-switch toggle and rocker rigs. However, three-switch applications are not sufficient, which is its one of the most pronounced drawbacks. Moreover, the product is a bit too large, which makes it hard to snap to the wall mount side-by-side.

One of the most remarkable features of the product is its cost effectiveness. A single unit of the product is available at $39, while one can buy two for $69 or three for $99. However, the product is only available in the domestic market. This implies that the international buyers have to wait for a while to lay their hands on this product.

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